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Gotta’ catch 'em all! The questions we mean, in our playful Pokemon Quiz. If you consider yourself a real Pokemon trainer, then these challenges are as simple as walking up to professor Oak and asking him a question. Let’s see how well you can do against some sample questions: What does the name Pokemon stand for?

What platform was the game initially developed for?, What game followed the 2000 Pokemon Crystal edition?, In the first console game, Pokemon Red&Blue, what were the 3 choices for starter Pokemon?. So, how did you do? Pretty well, we’d assume. For the next stage, push start, choose “Experience”, “Wittiness” and “Courage” and start battling it out for the tile of Pokemon trainer extraordinaire!

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  • The Flying-type's flying moves are super effective against ___________________.

  • Which type of Pokémon has no effect on Flying Pokémon?

  • Which is NOT a Flying-type Pokémon?

  • What's your favorite color?

  • What's your best quality?

  • What's your battling style?

  • In the second-generation Pokémon games, which Pokémon can you start with?

  • Which one of these is not a Pokémon?

  • True or false: The National Pokédex numbers the Pokémon based on the order they were created.

  • What colour are Raichu cheeks?
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  • What pokemon does putitar evolve in to?
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  • What region do Ash and his friends travel in the series Pokemon DP battle dimension?
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