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  • How many Pokemon are there in total?
    How many Pokemon are there in total?
    There are 802 Pokémon in total before you count start adding any additional forms. The Pokémon establishment rotates around 807 anecdotal types of collectible creatures, each having one of a kind plans and abilities. Created by Satoshi Tajiri in early 1989, Pokémon are creatures that inhabit the anecdotal Pokémon World.   The plans for the large number of species can draw inspiration from anything, for example, inanimate, certifiable creatures, or folklore. Numerous Pokémon are equipped for evolving into all the more effective species, while others can experience shape changes and accomplish comparable outcomes.

  • How many Elite members specialize in the Flying-type?
    How many Elite members specialize in the Flying-type?
    In Pokemon sun and moon there is someone who specializes in flying types and is an elite four member

  • Which one of these is not a flying-type Pokémon?
    Which one of these is not a flying-type Pokémon?
    1) Crofetch isn't a real pokemon2) You said normal Pinsir was a flying type when it's only a bug-flying type in its mega form. Don't believe me? Check out bulbapedia http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pinsir_(Pok%C3%A9mon) .

  • Which two Pokémon are the first that you see in Red and Blue, if you don't press the A button before the cutscene ends?
    Which two Pokémon are the first that you see in Red and Blue, if you don't press the A button before the cutscene ends?
    The correct answer is actually not there. In red version it is gengar and nidorino fighting in the opening scene but in blueit is gengar and jugglypuff. -10/10 quiz, unplayable

  • What caused the Lavender Town syndrome?
    What caused the Lavender Town syndrome?
    Lavender Town is a village that is not real. It can be found in the Pokemon games and it is specifically in the Pokemon Red and Blue games. It appears scary because it is a haunted town. It also appears as a graveyard in a Japanese style. The rumor about the Lavender Town is that a hundred or so children killed themselves as a result of the creepy music. It is the creepy music that caused the Lavender Town Syndrome. With the syndrome came the reason the children killed themselves. A Pokemon ghost lives there and as a character you may encounter it if you go into Lavender Town. In the Lavender Town is the Pokemon Tower which was really another tower in another Pokemon game.

  • Why is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon so loved?
    Why is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon so loved?
    Everyone loves a mystery and the same can be said about Pokemon fans. Instead of the original Pokemon company making this version, another company created a spin-off and this is it. The players use a map to solve a mystery. This is a role-playing type of game where the player becomes a character and in this case, the player moves his or her character throughout the dungeon. The player will attack other Pokemon characters in order to get objects and their goal is to get to the next floor. Many players may get tired of the same Pokemon-type games and they want something new and different. Mysteries always make others interested because people like to solve the mysteries by being supplied with clues.

  • Which is the best generation of Pokemon?
    Which is the best generation of Pokemon?
    Gen 6 is the best. There is no argument. Now, before genwunners come and try to fire their big guns at me, let me just speak or in this case type. Gen 6 has few of the best-designed pokemon of all generations. I mean, look at Greninja. I don’t even need to go further. The worst designed is probably Aromatisse, that I can take but Muk and Metapod aren’t good designs for pokemon either! Pokemon of Gen 6 has a certain consistency in their designs when comparing with other generations. The originality, bright colors, Pokemon abilities, and movesets are very well balanced. They continued this trend in Gen 7 but Gen 7 has very overpowered Pokemon. Megas are also really well designed and most of them have great perks and stats when Mega Evolving except for Mega Garchomp which is kind of a disappointment. Why did they have to spoil the perfect design of Garchomp? Guess we’ll never know.

  • What type do you think would work best against the Ice type?
    What type do you think would work best against the Ice type?
    This question isn't that clear. If you are looking for ALL of the types that are super effective, word the question differently. I typed in Fire because Fire not only is super effective, BUT also resists ice. So does steel, but this is where the question is confusing. Just make is more clear to future takers, OK?

  • What percent of all Pokémon are Flying-type?
    What percent of all Pokémon are Flying-type?
    A is the answer to this question. There are different types of Pokemon but there are some who will always choose flying types because they like the thought that the Pokemon would be able to fly. Like other Pokemon types, there are some flying Pokemon that are stronger than others. It is best to check the stats of the Pokemon so that you will know which flying type Pokemon you can catch or you can trade to make your team stronger. There are some flying types that come with good defenses because especially when they have to compete with a weaker Pokemon. Consider these things before making the right choice.

  • Why does Ash Ketchum have so many Tauros?
    Why does Ash Ketchum have so many Tauros?
    The reason why Ash was able to catch many Tauros Pokemon is because he was in the Safari Zone. The safari zone is an area wherein participants can catch different type of Pokemon that they see. His goal was to catch as many Pokemon as he could. Every time he would try to throw a poke ball, a Tauros would run in front of the ball. This made him catch a total of 30 Tauros. Of course, he was able to keep one Tauros while the rest escaped. He used the Tauros that he had to a battle with Dragonite. The battle ended with Pikachu doing a thunderbolt that allowed Ash to win the match. After some time, he allowed the Tauros to return to its herd when Ash reached Pallet Town again.

  • What type of species is Weedle?
    What type of species is Weedle?
    You can take one look at Weedle and know immediately that this is a type of bug Pokemon. This type of Pokemon is known to eat leaves. It also has the ability to shoot some sticky substances in order to protect itself. A lot of people are confused that this Pokemon becomes a Kakuna before becoming a Beedrill which is obviously a bee. If it would be compared to the real life cycle of a bee, then it should not be similar to the life cycle that will be experienced by a month. This bug Pokemon looks cute but once it evolves, it manages to look cool which is how you would like your Pokemon to be, right?

  • Why are there no Pokemon based on a Hummingbird?
    Why are there no Pokemon based on a Hummingbird?
    This is actually one thing that a lot of Pokemon fans wonder about. There are different animals in this world that can be considered good inspiration for the next Pokemon characters. The Hummingbird is just one of those animals. it will not be hard to imagine how cute it would be. No one really knows why the makers of the series and even the games are taking too long to create one. Perhaps they are still curating the perfect persona for the soon-to-be Hummingbird Pokemon. Some say that the Hummingbird may end up as a starting bid and it would evolve into something bigger. A lot of Pokemon fans will be looking forward to seeing one soon for sure.

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