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    Which of the following insulin products has the most rapid onset of action, with the option of administering immediately after completing a meal?

Among all medical branches, cardiology and neurology are the most complex studies. In this test, we look at heart failure and cardiac related diseases. How well versed are you with information on the subject? Find out below.

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    Which of the following are cardiotoxic drugs?

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    What Is the normal range of albumin? 

Naplex Exam Questions & Answers

Which of the following is true regarding loop diuretics?
All the options listed above are correct. Loop diuretics are sulfa containing drugs that Inhibit cotransport system (Na+/K+/2Cl−) of thick ascending limb of loop of Henle. Patients that are allergic to sulfa drugs may develop allergy with the u
Which parameters are necessary for T.R.?
Quarterly serum C-peptide levelThe A1C and SMBG tests are essential for monitoring the success of glucose control therapy. The SMBG gives an immediate determination of BG level and the A1C gives an average reading over the previous 2-3 months (or 120
Which order is the optimal antithrombotic therapy for this patient? A 64-year-old female with a past medical history of hypertension and diabetes is receiving enalapril, chlorthalidone, and...
Warfarin titrated to an INR 2.0–3.0EXPLANATION: This patient has a CHADS2 score of2 (hypertension and diabetes) so warfarin titrated to an INR of2.03.0 is the treatment of choice if there are no contraindicationsto warfarin.
Which oral antidiabetic agent is a micronized formulation?
GlynaseGlynase is a micronized formulation of glyburide that is significantly absorbed (e.g., a 3-mg tablet provides blood levels similar to a 5-mg conventional tablet). Micronase is a trade name for non-micronized glyburide. Glucotrol XL is the name