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This is the mother of all quizzes. It’s actually a Mother quiz and it takes great pride in your answers. Get all the challenges right and you’re in for some home made pie and lots of maternal love. Let’s see you take down some sample questions before going further with our quiz.

What is Octomom famous for? What is the oldest age a woman managed to give birth? In Greek mythology, who was the mortal mother of Heracles, the Greek equivalent to the Roman Hercules? What 19th century painter was famous for her depictions of mothers? What’s the hebrew equivalent of the word “mother”? How about in Punjabi? If you enjoyed these sample challenges, you’ll love the rest of our mother quiz. Just make sure you do your homework before playing!

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  • You are a mother of two eight year olds, Tamar and Tracy. Tracy is nearly nine, but Tamar has only just gone eight. Tracy and Tamar have a doll, which is both of theirs. Tracy has had it for half an hour, and Tamar wants a go. You ask Tracy to give Tamar a go, but she refuses. You ask her again, but she still refuses. What do you do?

  • You have a three year old, Ben. You put him in the naughty corner, but he keeps on running away, for over an hour. What do you do?

  • You have caught your eleven year old girl Bethany stealing biscuits from her six year old sister Mackenzies jar. What do you do?

  • As she gets to know Jerry, the narrator is most impressed by his
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  • What most confuses the narrator about Jerrys mother?
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  • The narrator suggests that she does not explore the mystery of Jerrys mother because she
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  • If you see a baby somewhere what do you think?
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  • How do you respond to a crying baby
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  • What age would yo want to get pregnant at?
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  • There is a field trip coming up and the class is going on a tour of the local zoo.  They are asking parents to chaperone and your child doesnt want you to.  You:  A.  Go anyway.  The zoo is a dangerous place full of germs and dirty animals.  You pack your hand sanitizer and go.B.  Ask your child if they are sure and if they say yes, you agree not to go.  Sometimes children just want to go with their friends without their mother coming along.C.  Pack your child a healthy lunch to bring that includes something crunchy, a pb & j sandwich on whole grain bread, a piece of fruit and a box of soy milk.D.  Tell your child that there is no way they are going to the zoo without proper supervision and it is your duty as a parent to make sure that they are safe at all times.  You sign the permission slip and send it back express mail, return receipt to the teacher.E.  Cry and ask your child why they wouldnt want you there.  You offer to buy ice cream for your child and all of their friends if you are able to go.

  • Your child is playing at the park and comes running up to you.  She has a small scratch on her leg and she is screaming loudly.  You:A.  Tell your child to stop crying and that there will be bigger things in life to cry about soon enough.  B.  Grab your child and smother her with every kiss in your arsenal.  Even after your daughter says, "ok mom, Im good, stop", you keep kissing her knee in the hopes that shell never get hurt again.C.  Offer anything to get your child to stop crying and you are quickly suckered into a supper of ice cream and a new bike, all for a little scratch that wasnt even bleeding.D.  Welcome your child with open arms and let her know that shell be fine.  After a few minutes you tell her a joke and send her back on her way to play.E.  Open up your natural cotton bag and search for your antibiotic cream from Burts Bees.  You smile, dab a little on and send your child back out to play.

  • Your child comes home after a play date and you notice a small bruise on the back of their arm.  You ask your child what happened and they tell you that their friend is mean and they got into a fight and he hit me.  You:A.  Cry that your child will never have any friends and you offer to buy him a new toy so that he doesnt feel bad.B.  Call up the other parent to "check in" about the incident.  You use words like inappropriate, process and mediate in your conversation.C.  Begin screaming at your child that they must have done something to deserve the friends anger.  You insist that they write a long apology letter to the child to bring to school the next day.D.  Make your child strip search and check for any other bruises or scratches.  You vow that your child will never go back to that childs house for a play date and from now on all play dates will be at your house under your supervision. E.  Ask your child what the argument was about and discuss what your child could have done differently next time.