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Mother Questions & Answers

What should I do to make my mother happy?
The answer to this question will vary greatly depending on your age, your relationship with your mother, and where your life is headed right now. If you are about to get out of jail, attempting to stay clean would be a good way to keep your mother ha
Should I share my secrets with my mom?
If you feel comfortable enough to share your secrets with your mother, go for it. Especially if it’s a secret that’s been eating at you for some time, you should share it with someone you trust. If you’re afraid your mother will tel
Why does life change after becoming a mother?
The easiest answer to this is that your priorities will change after becoming a mother. After you have become a mother, the biggest priority and concern in your life should be your child. Whether it’s a newborn you just gave birth to or it&rsqu
How can I find out whether my mom loves me or not?
One of the easiest ways to find out if your mother loves you is to ask her. That’s part of why she’s there. If she loves you, she’ll make sure you know it without having to ask. However, if you have been having a rough patch, that c