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Take the online MLB quizzes to see how much you know and learn interesting facts like where are the headquarters of the MLB located, the name of the city in which the first professional baseball team was founded.
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Purpose: If you are undecided about which team you should follow, take this quiz for a recommendation.  Directions: Under each statement, indicate whether or not you agree.  NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT WRITE YOUR REAL NAME...

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    World Series wins are important to me. 

Baseball is one of the most played sport in schools in the country but sadly most players don’t make it to the major league. Therefore all we can do is bet on the team that we believe in. Are you smart and powerful like the...

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    Your friends invite you to a place you don't want to go to. What do you do?

MLB Starting Lineups Quiz: MLB stands for Major League Baseball, which is a list of all Baseball teams, especially in America. Baseball is one of the major sporting activities in America and has been popular for decades way...

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    How many major leagues are there in America?

How well do you know you baseball

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    How many world series titles do the New York Yankees have?

Major League Baseball is the most world renowned professional baseball league out there, founded in 1903 and boasting a grand total of 30 teams in between the MLB’s national and American leagues. What can you tell us about...

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    How long was the longest game in MLB history?


MLB Questions & Answers

Who has/had the sweetest swing in MLB history (and why)?
Babe Ruth was probably the best known baseball player. He played for over twenty seasons during his life. Babe Ruth was known for hitting so many homeruns. Babe Ruth was know for the way he would swing his bat. Babe Ruth was very tall in which he sto
Why was Barry Bonds vilified so much for taking steroids (when everyone else was taking steroids during his era)?
There are many athletes who are vilified more for taking enhancing drugs during their sport where others are not vilified as much for doing the exact same thing. It seems that there are two reasons why certain athletes are vilified more than others.
Why is Derek Jeter so revered (when he only put up average stats in his career)?
Some athletes become popular because they had such success in their athletic career. Others gain their popularity due to media attention sometimes for events unrelated to their sport or their success in the sport. Derek Jeter is probably one of those
What muscle do I have to train to improve the speed of my fastball?
A fastball is a pitch that pitchers use that means the way the term sounds. It is a pitch where the ball is released and travels many miles per hour before reaching the catcher’s glove. Many pitchers try to improve their fastball pitch in order
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