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Mexico is a country in North America, just south of the United States of America. Mexican is a word used to reference things from that country. Ever had tacos and tostados? Mexican food. Listened to mariachis? Mexican music. Seen a painting by Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera? Mexican art: Speaking of Frida and Diego, who are they?
Mexico is a country with a rich and varied culture and history, founded on such ancient societies as the Olmecs and the Aztecs. How much do you know about all things Mexican? What indigenous people make up Mexico? What languages besides Spanish are spoken? What are some famous pieces of Mexican literature? How about Mexican film? Prepare to travel to country of Pancho Villa and Dolores del Rio with these quizzes on all things Mexican.

Have you ever wondered whether or not you have a Latin side? Don't keep wondering, find out now!

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    What color is your hair?

Take the Test and see if you have the Border hopping Abilities of a real Mexican! :D

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    How long can you work in the Sun without "Agua" or "Comida" and not die ?

Being Mexican is not just about knowing the areas in Mexico or being able to down shots of tequila, there is a lot that goes into being considered a true Mexican. Do you think you possess what it takes to be considered a true...

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    How do you say hello in Spanish?

Quiz on pre-Columbian,colonial and modern Mexico.

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    Which pre-Columbian culture created the famous colossal heads ?

On the western border of the United States, lies Mexico. To date, the Mexican-American border is filled with a lot of issues, from immigrants, smuggling just to mention but a few. Test your knowledge of the Mexican-American...

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    When was the war started?

Mexican Questions & Answers

Where do you go when going out to eat?
I dont have any broke
What was the subject of Mexican pueblo law, which was used as a basis of US law?
1. water rights-the water law brought west by americans worked well enough in the east, where rainfall was abundant. under american law, water flowing across a field or farm belonged to the owner of that land. landowners could use their water in what
Can you match the battle with the descriptions?
Skirmishing in the disputed borderlands of South Texas. American Forces withstand Mexican Army attacks. Also callecd the "Battle of Temascalitos" in Spanish. Mexican forces attack El Brazito, New Mexico. U.S. forces were led by Colonel Alexander Will