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Most of the metals in existence have the power to conduct electricity unlike all non-metals. There is much to be learned when it comes to the properties of these two. Do you wish to test out your understanding on the two types of...

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    If a metal is ___________ it can be drawn into a wire.

How much do you know?hmmm

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    Metals are

Quiz used to prepare yourself for tests on Metals Non Metals and Metalloids  ON fill in the blank questions capitalize the first letter Notice the Fill in the blank questions are impossible to get right so if your answer...

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    Describe Ionic Bonding

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    What is the process illustrated in the figure below?

In chemistry, we learn about metals, non-metals and metalloids. What is the difference between them? What factors should we consider while distinguishing these three? Take up the quiz below and find out. All the best  

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  • Sample Question
    Metals are ___________, and can be drawn into a wire.

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Metal Questions & Answers

Is it true or false? All metals are silver-grey in color.1. True2. False
Not all metals are silver or grey. Metals can also be gold or bronze. Bronze is actually copper mixed with a little tin. Copper is the closest metal to orange. It's a soft metal, so things like pennies are made from another metal and just coated with
What is the importance of lab safety?
We need to know science safetyrules before we do a lab because if we don’t know the rules and are dealing with dangerous chemicals, we can get poisoned, burned, and somebody hurt. In this situation you would need to know these rules: wear goggl
Which of the following metals could produce zinc metal (if heated with zinc oxide)?
Known as Zn, zinc is on the periodic table and is an element. It is in the group 12 on the table and has similarities to magnesium. Its atomic number is 30. It appears silver to gray in color. Elements can combine to make other elements or things. If
What is the difference between Skullcandy FMJ and FMJ 09?
FMJ stands for Full Metal Jacket. Skullcandy FMJ and FMJ 09 refer to earphones. FMJ refers to a particular model of FMS earbuds. Skullcandy separates the earphones into two categories, which are the buds and the earphones. Buds are the earphones whic