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Known as the ‘Man of Steel’, we are sure you’re ‘metally’ stable for another dose of interesting and exciting quizzes! You should be familiar with metals like iron, steel, and aluminium. Yet, how much metal trivia do you really know? Put yourself to the test once again with this fun science challenge and see how much general knowledge you have on the subject. Take our quizzes that are all about different types of metals! From base and ferrous to noble and precious! Do you think you can name them all? Make sure you carry enough baggage of information for this one! We might ask you some surprising questions!

Will you get the gold this time or end up with silver or bronze? Grab the nugget and find out right now! We wish you the best!
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Most of the metals in existence have the power to conduct electricity unlike all non-metals. There is much to be learned when it comes to the properties of these two. Do you wish to test out your understanding on the two types of...

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    If a metal is ___________ it can be drawn into a wire.

Welcome to the Metals and Non-Metals Basic Quiz. Elements can be described as either metal or nonmetal, with one key difference being how metals look. Most of the nonmetals except for hydrogen can be found on the right side of...

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    An element reacts with oxygen to give a compound with a high melting point. This compound is also soluble in water. The element is likely to be

In chemistry, we learn about metals, non-metals and metalloids. What is the difference between them? What factors should we consider while distinguishing these three? Take up the quiz below and find out. All the best  

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    Metals are ___________, and can be drawn into a wire.

Are you in the construction industry and interested in metal fabrication? How well do you understand your profession? Well, worry no more as the quiz below better helps you understand all there is to know about sheet metal...

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    An Alloy is What?

Metallurgy questions trivia test. Metallurgy is the study of the physical and chemical composition of metallic elements. This study is divided into physical metallurgy, extractive metallurgy and mineral processing. Metals are...

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    Those features or characteristics of metal that make it useful and distinctive from all others.

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Metal Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Soldering and Brazing?
Soldering and brazing are two processes that are usually employed to join two pieces of metals together. Brazing uses a different welding technique in the sense that you will need a filler for this technique. The filler will be used to fill the joint
What is the importance of lab safety?
We need to know science safetyrules before we do a lab because if we don’t know the rules and are dealing with dangerous chemicals, we can get poisoned, burned, and somebody hurt. In this situation you would need to know these rules: wear goggl
What is the difference between Silver and Platinum?
Silver and Platinum are both among the very rare metals in the world; this explains why they're mostly used, especially in the making of jewelry. Both silver and Platinum are very similar at sight, but it is just at that point of sight that their sim
What is the difference between Steel and Brass?
Steel is a meld of iron and is a very strong and highly resistant, a characteristic which makes do for its vast usage in construction and manufacturing industries. Its hardness makes it very difficult to bend or cast into smaller shapes and sizes; th
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