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  • Is it true or false? All metals are silver-grey in color.1. True2. False
    Is it true or false? All metals are silver-grey in color.1. True2. False
    Not all metals are silver or grey. Metals can also be gold or bronze. Bronze is actually copper mixed with a little tin. Copper is the closest metal to orange. It's a soft metal, so things like pennies are made from another metal and just coated with copper. If you mix other metals with copper, you get bronze and brass. Bronze is a mixture of about 90 percent copper and 10 percent tin. It is darker than copper. Bronze turns green when it oxidizes. Dark bronze has an almost chocolatey color to it. 70 to 85 percent copper mixed with zinc turns brass. It’s a yellow-gold color. Brass is only slightly darker than gold. Nickel is bright and doesn’t tarnish the way silver does. It is shinier than silver. It has a golden cast.

  • What is the importance of lab safety?
    What is the importance of lab safety?
    We need to know science safetyrules before we do a lab because if we don’t know the rules and are dealing with dangerous chemicals, we can get poisoned, burned, and somebody hurt. In this situation you would need to know these rules: wear goggles, gloves,aprons, and to read the instructions. For example, we would want to read the instructions together and let everyone ask questions if needed.Also, everyone needs to know where thefire extingisher and fire blanket is in case of fire.Plus, we need to know where the emergency electricityturn off buttonand the eye wash station is in case of something in eye or someone getting an electric shock.These are some reasons and examples of why we need to know science safety rules before a lab. FLORENCIA

  • Which of the following metals could produce zinc metal (if heated with zinc oxide)?
    Which of the following metals could produce zinc metal (if heated with zinc oxide)?
    Known as Zn, zinc is on the periodic table and is an element. It is in the group 12 on the table and has similarities to magnesium. Its atomic number is 30. It appears silver to gray in color. Elements can combine to make other elements or things. If you were to melt aluminum and it was heated with zinc oxide, it would produce a metal that was zinc. Aluminum is known as Al on the periodic table and its atomic number is 13. It is part of the boron group and is silver to white in color. It has a low density and is considered to be a post-transition metal. It will melt at over one thousand degrees Fahrenheit.

  • What is the difference between Iron and Cast Iron?
    What is the difference between Iron and Cast Iron?
    Iron is a metal substance, and it is one of the elements in chemistry with the symbol, Fe, and atomic number 26. It belongs to group 8 and period four on the periodic table. According to its location on the periodic table, it is referred to as the transition element. Iron and its alloys are the most widely used metals, and also the most prominent ferromagnetic element in human's daily use. The metal looks radiant and likes a silver-grey color, but its coating looks brownish in color when exposed to air, this occurs as a result of oxidation. Iron looks soft in its pure form, but when impurities like carbon are added to it, it gets strengthened. Cast iron, on the other hand, is a term used commonly in referring to grey iron. The term cast iron is used generally to refer to a huge group of alloys of metals that are solidified with a eutectic. The color with which the structured surface of the alloy is made of determines the kind of alloy it is. For example, an alloy with a structured white surface is referred to as white cast iron.

  • Where would each of the four solid materials be located? The beaker shown below contains four liquids of different densities. The blocks shown in the beaker present four different solid...
    Where would each of the four solid materials be located? The beaker shown below contains four liquids of different densities. The blocks shown in the beaker present four different solid...
    Allow a maximum of 2 credits, allocated as follows: Allow 2 credits if all four materials are correctly labeled as shown in the diagram below. Allow 1 credit if only two or three materials are correctly labeled. Example of a 2-credit response: Note: Allow credit if the student lists the densities in correct order instead of listing the names of the solid materials.

  • Metals are ___________, and can be drawn into a wire.
    Metals are ___________, and can be drawn into a wire.
    The answer is ductile I know this because we learnt it in school and I amin set 1 so it has to be right (I AM NOT SHOWING OFF I AM JUST SAYING)

  • What is the difference between Quartz and Granite Countertops?
    What is the difference between Quartz and Granite Countertops?
    Today, home remodeling may involve changing out the countertops in the kitchen. This may be done whether the home is a family home, or it is going to be flipped. In either way, the homeowner must determine which material they want to use. If it is in an upper-class neighborhood, then the homeowner may want to put either quartz or granite countertops in the kitchen. Granite is a little more durable than Quartz because Quartz can scratch. Granite needs to be sealed every few years. Quarts is slightly more expensive than granite. Quarts is about seventy-five dollars per square foot, and granite can be as low as forty dollars a square foot. Granite is porous, and Quartz is not porous.

  • What is the difference between Chrome and Nickel?
    What is the difference between Chrome and Nickel?
    Chrome and nickel are two types of plating, and they come in different finishes. Both are a coating of metals which can be laid upon another metal. When applied on metal, they give a good shape of the surface of another element, and they are often used for decorative reasons. However, there are some differences between them. One of the major differences between them is that, when you apply Chrome on an element, it gives a kind of color that looks like a shining blue type of color, whereas when you apply nickel on another element, it gives a yellow color and at times it gives the whitish appearance. The cool look on material with chrome coating is another difference between Chrome and nickel because nickel will always give you a warm tone or appearance. In terms of price, nickel is inexpensive, and that is why it is commonly available, whereas Chrome is expensive.

  • What is the difference between Skullcandy FMJ and FMJ 09?
    What is the difference between Skullcandy FMJ and FMJ 09?
    FMJ stands for Full Metal Jacket. Skullcandy FMJ and FMJ 09 refer to earphones. FMJ refers to a particular model of FMS earbuds. Skullcandy separates the earphones into two categories, which are the buds and the earphones. Buds are the earphones which sit and get adjusted inside the ear. They do not entirely isolate the listener from noises, whereas the in-ears earphones isolate the one using it from any outside noises. Skullcandy FMJ refers to all the earphones under the category Full Metal Jacket. They are accessible in different colors, such as gold and chrome. FMJ 09 refers to a particular model of Skullcandy and is very popular with people who enjoy the substantial base and noise invalidation while listening to music.

  • What color are metals?
    What color are metals?

  • What is the difference between FET and MOSFET?
    What is the difference between FET and MOSFET?
    There are some people who are not too familiar with the differences between FET and MOSFET. FET means Field Electric Transistor. A MOSFET is a type of FET. This stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. A lot of people who use this often may call common things that are not actually MOSFETS as MOSFETS. A lot of people say that there are not a lot of differences between the two anyway so the terms are a bit interchangeable. The modes that they can be used may be a bit different. The FET will only work in depletion mode but the MOSFET will work in both depletion and enhancement mode.

  • What is the difference between blazer and suit jacket?
    What is the difference between blazer and suit jacket?
    If you are a type that does not know much about how a blazer looks like or how a suit jacket looks like, chances are you would not know the difference between the two because they are very similar. Both blazer and suit jacket can be worn to as an informal or formal dress. However, there are differences between blazer and suit jacket. The first notable difference between them is that, both dresses are not cut the same way. Blazer looks more like a cardigan with metal buttons, while suit jacket does not always come with metal buttons. Suit jackets are made in different colors, but blazers have a customary sets of colors like royal blue, black and navy blue. Another difference is that; blazers are made in such a way that makes them more fitted to the body than suit jacket. Suit jackets are made with jetted pocket or flat pocket; blazers are made with pockets that are fitted directly onto each side of the dress.

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