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    A nurse is putting together a presentation on meningitis. Which of the following microorganisms has noted been linked to meningitis in humans?  

Meningitis, encephalitis in clinical paediatric practice

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    You suspect meningitis in a 2 year old girl with fever, vomiting, irritability and a stiff neck.  You perform a lumbar puncture. (Only one is correct)

This quiz reviews what you have learnt in Section 2 of the BPNA diploma. When you have finished the answers will be given and your score generated.  Use this as a self assessment review!

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    Haemophilus influenzae meningitis is no longer seen in vaccinated children.

Meningitis Questions & Answers

Does dexamethasone improve mortality in meningococcal meningitis?
What do you mean by "improves" mortality.Dexamethasone prevents mortality with early treatment.
What statement made by the nurse reflects an understanding of the management of this client? A client is admitted and has been diagnosed with bacterial (meningococcal) meningitis. The infection...
Respiratory isolation is necessary for 24 hours after antibiotics are startedAfter a minimum of 24 hours of IV antibiotics, the client is no longer considered communicable. Evaluation of the nurses knowledge is needed for safe care and continuity of
Which action by the student requires that you intervene immediately?  You are mentoring a student nurse in the intensive care unit (ICU) while caring for a patient with meningococcal meningitis.
1. the student enters the room without putting on a mask and gown. - meningococcal meningitis is spread through contact with respiratory secretions so use of a mask and gown is required to prevent spread of the infection to staff members or other pa