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Related Topics

  • What was Marilyn Monroe doing for a living in 1944?
    What was Marilyn Monroe doing for a living in 1944?
    I read that she worked in a munitions factory, called Radioplane.

  • What was Marilyn Monroes real name?
    What was Marilyn Monroes real name?
    Norma Jean Baker

  • How many times was Marilyn Monroe awarded Oscar?
    How many times was Marilyn Monroe awarded Oscar?
    Amazingly, Marilyn Monroe never got any kind of Oscar recognition not to talk of winning an Oscar award. She never won an Oscar. The academy put on their pageant every year without even offering up some posthumous recognition for Marilyn Monroe. She appeared in about 29 movies between the years 1946 to 1961. On the other hand, Marilyn Monroe won a lot of awards during her life time most of which were from Golden Globes, BAFTA, Laurel awards, Photoplay awards, David di Donatello awards and many others.

  • How long was Marilyn Monroe married to Joe DiMaggio?
    How long was Marilyn Monroe married to Joe DiMaggio?
    9 Months

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