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Wonderful and beautiful, Marilyn Monroe is a famous actress, model, and pop-culture icon. Her roles in films such as “The Seven Year Itch” and “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” allowed her to gain the reputation of one of Hollywood’s most prestigious women ever! Let’s see if you can take the cake for Marilyn Monroe expert with our quizzes!

Recognized by her blonde hair, feminine figure, and bright red lipstick, Marilyn Monroe taught people that it was better to be absolutely ridiculous rather than absolutely __? Fill in the blank! What president did she infamously sing happy birthday too? What is the name of her autobiography? How old was she when she got married for the first time? Are you a true fan? Find out with our Marilyn Monroe quizzes! 

Monroe was one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the silver screen. Her life was full of controversies but she always smiled for her fans. She was the smartest woman of her time and also the world's first sex symbol....

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    Which famous New York Yankees outfielder did Marilyn Monroe marry?

Beste quizzer!Beantwoord volgende vragen en dan kan je zelf zien hoeveel je weet over Marilyn Monroe.

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    In welk jaar is Marilyn Monroe geboren?

It's quizz about marilyn monroe, on her life.

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    When was she born ?

There are 8 questions on Marilyn in the  Quiz !

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    When was Marilyn born ?

   The quiz of Marilyn Monroe

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    When was Marilyn born ? ve

Marilyn Monroe Questions & Answers

What was Marilyn Monroe doing for a living in 1944?
I read that she worked in a munitions factory, called Radioplane.
How many times was Marilyn Monroe awarded Oscar?
Amazingly, Marilyn Monroe never got any kind of Oscar recognition not to talk of winning an Oscar award. She never won an Oscar. The academy put on their pageant every year without even offering up some posthumous recognition for Marilyn Monroe. She