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LOUISVILLE FIRST, CARDS FOREVER! The team’s slogan. Their motto, “Dareto be Great “. This motto challenged the athletes of the University to aim formore each year and to strive for excellnce. The Louisville Cardinals FootballTeam represents the University of Louisville. They began in 1912. Who was their
first coach?

The Cardinals earned a school record 10 Big East Conference Championship. Theyare proud for their number of team and individual National Championships. Howwell do you know the Cardinals? Who was nicknamed “The Golden Arm” who wore theNumber 16 jersey as quarterback from 1951-1955? What year saw the Cardinals intheir first bowl appearance? What bowl was this? Show to us you are a CARDSFOREVER, take our quizzes.

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  • Sample Question
    In 2002, Louisville defeated an opponent at home in overtime with a ranking of what in the polls?

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    During the 1990's, in how many seasons was Louisville able to win seven or more games?

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    How many interceptions as a team did Louisville have in 2006?

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    How many punts did Louisville return for touchdowns in 2004?

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  • Sample Question
    How many straight times did Louisville defeat Tulane in football before losing a game to them?

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