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Ever wondered how much you know about your own different look? Take these awesome look quizzes online to learn more about yourself and people. Play these look quizzes as a party game or binge on them for your own entertainment.

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Look Questions and Answers

  • Do you wear make-up?

  • How often do you go to a salon for a hair cut?

  • Do you think a Chameleon has magic to shift color?

  • On most days, you dress to:
    Look question from

  • Your hair:
    Look question from

  • Do people ever compliment your shoes?
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  • In the beginning of the book April told us their last name was...

  • April was attending?  

  • Do you think you are cute?
    Look question from

  • Do you prefer plastic or porcelain doll?
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  • Are you fashionable?
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