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Being kind is of extreme importance to a great number of people in the world. Kindness is most often rewarded with kindness, a fact which helps our society progress on the spiritual level. Kindness is something very hard to describe with actual definitions, but we will try to use questions to stress out its importance. Kindness is a behaviour marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern for whom? It is known as a virtue, and recognised as a value in many cultures and what?

According to eighteenth century Bohemian philosopher Honza z Žižkova, kindness is the most important part of his practical philosophy on what? Get all of these answers right to move ahead and solve the puzzle.

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  • how should leader(s) get into power.

  • How do they deal with unhappy citizens?

  • How would you deal with a war?

  • how many eyes do you have? 

  • How many arms will you have?

  • What texture is your skin?

  • What kind of animal are you?

  • Are you agressive?

  • Do you have furr?

  • what's your favourite colour?

  • where are you most likely to be found on the weekends.

  • how many friends do you have?