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Justin Kirk was born May 28th, 1969. He is a film actor and American Stage actor. He was born in Salem, Oregon. Justin has been an actor since 1995, and he is still going strong. He is well-known for when he played “Prior Walter” in the Mike Nichol’s of “Angels in America”.
Which nomination did Justin Kirk receive for playing that role? He played in the show called “Weeds” – who did he play as? Do you know what his first role on Broadway was? (It was a play called what?) Do you think you know everything about Justin Kirk? Take our quizzes now to find out just how much you truly know about him.

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    What TV show features Kevin Nealon and Justin Kirk?

Delighting viewers and lighting up screens is all Justin Kirk was born for. An American actor whose fame shot all across in the 1980's. How well do you know him?

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    What is the title of the first film he starred in?

Kirk spent his childhood in Union where he attended Native American reservation. Kirk is an American actor for portraying Prior Water in Mike Nicholas' screen adaptation of Angels in America for which he was nominated for Prime...

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    When is Kirk's birthday?