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Johnny Depp is a beloved American actor, film producer, and musician. You may know him best from his starring role as Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Beyond this swashbuckling good time, what else do you know about this popular and well-liked actor? Are you a big Depp fan? Care to put your knowledge to the test?

When was Johnny’s daughter, Lily-Rose Melody Depp born? What is the name of the club he once co-owned in LA? What 1980s television show made Johnny Depp a star? In which movie did Johnny Depp get his first big acting break? Where was Johnny Depp born? Answer more fun and interesting questions like these by taking these Johnny Depp quizzes today!

Can you determine which film featured this location?

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Awesome quiz about Johnny Depp. Attempt it now!

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    What is Johnny Depp's self-chosen nickname?

Take this short and crisp quiz on Johnny Depp

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    Who played Nancy's boyfriend in the original "Nightmare on Elm Street"?

When I think of Johnny Depp, I think of that thick, black eyeliner and the character name, Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean. For years, he has mesmerized the screen with his amazing acting...

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    In 1994, Johnny totally trashed his hotel room. In fact, he was so noisy that another actor staying next door had called the police. Who did Johnny blame for the mess in his hotel room?

If you like Johnny Depp take this quiz! It is easy and fun!

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    How old is Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp Questions & Answers

What if Johnny Depp is actually the victim of Amber Heard?
There are a lot of people who feel that Amber Heard is still in the wrong in her situation with Johnny Depp. Some even say that she is the reason why some people do victim-blaming all the time. Amber Heard filed for divorce because of domestic violen
Is Johnny Depp's career finished after the domestic violence case?
It depends on the audience. Overall, Johnny Depp is a unique talent, and he has an impeccable range which has endeared him to audiences in every age, demographic and fan base around the world. Depp seems to have survived the domestic violence charges