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Everyone loves a baby. They come screaming into this world and throw our lives upside down, and we love them for it. The word “infant” comes from the Latin term “infans” which means unable to speak, or speechless. The term infant (when referring to humans) is typically used to refer to babies between the ages of one month and twelve months. So what do you know about these little people whose age is measured in months, not years?

We’re here to test your knowledge, baby! What is the term for a baby under one month of age? What is the average weight of a newborn in developed countries? How much weight should newborn babies gain per day? What percent of total body length is a baby’s head? What does the protein “noggin” help to form on a baby? What is the term for the fine, downy hair some babies are born with? How far can newborns see? If you’ve got the answers to all things baby, check our infant quizzes!

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