Inception Quizzes & Trivia

Shared dreams. Dreams within dreams within dreams. Sound like fantasy? Well, it is. But you may also recognize it as the plot of the 2010 film Inception. An all-star case, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page star in this Christopher Nolen-directed piece.
In Inception, a thief named Cobb must plant an idea into the mind of a rich business man using dream sharing technology. To do so, several elaborate and layered dreams are created by him and his team. Remember the famous slow-motion, gravity-bending hotel hallway fight? What about the van plunging into water? How does Cobb’s past haunt him throughout the film? What happens if one dies during a dream? What does the ending of the film- and that spinning top – really mean? Is Cobb and his team successful? Go within questions and search for answers with these quizzes on Inception. 

“Inception” was a movie that messed with your mind and made everyone think twice about what they believed to be real. Who would you be if you lived in the world of “Inception”? Take this quiz to find out!

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  • Sample Question
    Which characterization best describes you?

Which Inception Character Are You? A thrilling trail of dreams within dreams, a team of two extractors, a conman, an architect, a chemist, and a billionaire, all of them on a mission to plant an idea in the mind of Robert Michael...

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    Choose a personality type that closely suits you:

Inception a very interesting movie. Test your knowledge on what you know about inception. Or we can say we want to know if you too can enter the world of dreams.

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  • Sample Question
    When was the movie titled "Inception" released?