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Are you a fan of the Tolkien novels and spend hours watching the movies? Are you a giant or a hobbit when it comes to telling everyone how much you know about the subject? If you do then here’s a quiz that will really interest you and even if you have a great knowledge of Middle Earth you might learn something you didn’t know before.

Do you know in which year the books were first published? Can you tell us who Frodo Baggins inherited the ring from? What’s the profession of Samwise Gamgee? Where would you find Mount Doom? If you know the answers to questions like those then the chances are you’ll be able to run rings around everyone else. You may not be the Lord of the Rings but there’s every chance you can become the Lord of our Trivia Quizzes.
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Rather than just giving 4 to 6 possible results, this test includes 24 Lord of The Rings characters to bring you a more accurate parallel. Just try to answer honestly rather than reaching for the ideal.

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    A bag of apples has been stolen and your schoolmaster is searching for the culprit. You know that your friend is responsible. Do you turn him in for a thrashing?

The lord of the rings is a movie with an array of characters stringing from elf, hobbit, human and dwarfs it shows us the story of Frodo Baggins who takes the daunting task to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom...

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    One day you are sitting outside and someone walks up to you and asks if you will come with them on a special mission.  They say that it's possibly going to be dangerous.  What do you do?

The Lord of the Rings tell us of the story of a heroic Hobbit who has the weight of the world on his shoulders when he is charged with destroying the ring that can bring doom to the world. We follow him trough his journey with...

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    Your race is?

The Lord Of The Rings is an epic series that shows us the journey of a hobbit as he tries to save the world from the dangerous all-powerful rings. In his quest, he meets allies and enemies. Which Lord Of The Rings character do...

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    You just took over a city. What will the colors of your flag be?

You have your opinions set in stone about The Lord of The Rings characters, but what do Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, Sam and Gandalf have to say about you? Take the quiz today and find out!

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    Your worst nightmare is:

The Lord Of The Rings Questions & Answers

In the extended version of The Two Towers, Saruman dies.
False. In the extended version of the Return of the King,Gandalf, Aragorn, etc find Pippin and Merry at Isengard where Saruman and Grima Wormtongue reside. Grima stabs Saruman in the back andhefalls to his death.
Who destroyed the ring?
How many palantirs existed in the war of the ring
I'm pretty sure that that answer is wrong because during the war of the ring Saruman has one, Sauron has another (that's how they communicate) and Denethor has one in the tower of Minas Tirith. (that's why he goes mad)
Gothmog, the leader of the orcs under the Witch King, is not described in the book. What is he in the movie?
An orcTolkein never described him in the book, and never said if Gothmog was the lord of the Balrogs, either. (They share the same name.)