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Household Questions and Answers

  • In the participation field, the DF code is used for which programs?  Check all that apply.
    Household question from

  • Relationship is coded according to relationship to:
    Household question from

  • All DenaliKidCare cases must include a caretaker relative.
    Household question from

  • Which region are you from?

  • In March 2012, Sgt. Smith was posted from Gagetown, NB to Moose Jaw, SK.  The final weight of the HG&E indicated the following information: Weight of HG&E = 19,334 lbs. Weight of motorcycle = 1500 lbs. What was the total weight of Sgt. Smith's shipment?

  • Sgt. Wilson's motorcycle is his only means of transportation.  Had Sgt. Wilson decided to fly to destination and shipped his motorcycle, would his motorcycle be considered as a recreational vehicle or a PMV?

  • What should you do when being spoken to?
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  • Who pays for any damages? 
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  • If you are required to walk with the Mistresss of the House where should you be? 
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