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Picture the scene...you're walking down the road when you see a mob of people clad in white shirts approaching you. You start to get worried as they all surround you...and then in an explosion of color, there's no longer a mob of people in white.

There's a large and happy group of people wearing brightly colored, dyed and stained shirts. Why are they throwing paint, water and powder at each other? Well...how much do you know about the "holi" festival? You know it? You know the festival of color?

Well then join the fun and show us how much you know! Answer questions about the Hindu tradition, its origins and the habits of those that celebrate it. It's a time for celebration...so take these quizzes, and then go celebrate with everyone!
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Holi festival is popularly known as the festival of love or colors and is mostly celebrated in India. People can be seen with multiple colors on this day, and it is designed to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. Do you know...

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    Which of the following flower is associated with the Holi festival?

How much do you know about the Holi festival? Holi derives its name from Holika is celebrated as a festival of victory of good over evil. Its origin in ancient Indian mythology and is inseparably associated with the legends of...

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    Lathmar Holi is held in