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Did you know that Ian McKellen, the guy who plays “Gandalf the gray” and “Magneto”, is gay? There are many famous people who are gay. Even Neil Patrick Harris, the guy who took the role of “Barney Stinson” in HIMYM, is gay and is married to David Burtka, the guy who played as “Scooter” the Ex-boyfriend of “Lily” in the same series.

“Same sex marriage is legal in how many states?”, “Since when did same sex marriage start in the U.S.?” and “What is the accepted vernacular for homosexuals?” are some questions you will probably encounter in our quizzes. Find out how much you know about gays and learn along the way.

We have no right to judge anyone. So just be happy and gay... Have fun with our quizzes!

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  • You are open to all sex roles EQUALLY when considering a potential mate as a lover.

  • You have never (or very rarely) experienced the opposite sexual position with a partner.

  • Others don't realize you are gay until you tell them or you don't tell and just let the world think you are straight!

  • What is your favorite color?
    Gay question from

  • Choose a song
    Gay question from

  • In your free time, you prefer to ______
    Gay question from

  • Have you ever licked another guys anus?

  • have you ever sucked another mans cock?

  • does looking at other guys naked turn you on?

  • do ppl constantly ask u if ur gay?

  • do u constantly think about the sam sex as u

  • U have very few or no friends because ppl think ur gay