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  • Which states allow gay marriage?
    Which states allow gay marriage?
    There was a time when only a few states in America were open to same-sex marriage. Back in 2015, same-sex marriage was legalized in all 50 states of America. This is still considered to be a big thing in the history of the world. This symbolizes that equality is prevalent in America and the same rights are being given to those who choose to love the same sex.   Take note that even with the legalization, there are still some who believe that this is against the will of the Lord. There are still some who do not fully accept this but as long as the law protects those who are in same-sex relationships, they no longer need to worry.

  • What do you hate the most?
    What do you hate the most?
    Hates AND dramas

  • What color do you usually wear
    What color do you usually wear

  • What does it take to wipe out a cockwood/shitmer?
    What does it take to wipe out a cockwood/shitmer?
    Just your shank

  • Who is hanna montanna?
    Who is hanna montanna?

  • How many of your parents are strict?
    How many of your parents are strict?
    All of them

  • How many fingers do you have?
    How many fingers do you have?

  • Is brett gay?
    Is brett gay?

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