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"What are frogs good for, anyway? Loads of things, we’ll answer. For one, they might turn into a charming prince or princess for anyone daring enough to kiss one. But in all fairness, frogs have been around for a long time and they’re spread all around the globe. That means they deserve a quiz of their own. Let’s get started with a few sample questions:

“What is the frog population estimated at?”, “What’s the earliest depiction of a frog?”, “What part of their organism do frogs use for breathing?”, “What’s the most venomous species of frogs on the planet?”, “What’s the usual life span of a frog?”. Did you get in the mood for more froggy questions? Push the start button and leap forward to more challenges in our special quizzes!

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  • Select the types of research the Xenopus sp is used for. 
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