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  • It a cold and dark night. You are going to the store for a quick snack before you head home as you see three criminals heading your way from the store. What do you do first?

  • That was close. Next morning on Earth Day, you're invited by four friends to help them out with something. Who do you go with?

  • That was a great Earth Day. You come home exhausted and decide to...

  • You see a new type of tree, what do you do?

  • A person insults you, how do you respond?

  • What happens when we die?

  • Who is considered to have the biggest influence and popularization of high fantasy genre?
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  • In urban fantasy, what is the most distinguishing characteristic of the books/genre?
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  • Which one of these writers belong to the social science fiction genre?
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  • Who is the first known person to study fantasy?

  • Which psychology book started the phrase stream of thought?

  • Which is Freud's earliest book to talk about fantasy?