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Do you think you know your hockey trivia? Any real ice hockey fan knows that the Edmonton Oilers started out in the World Hockey Association, but did you know that they were one of the 12 founding members? When the WHA and the NHL merged, the Oilers were one of four teams that joined the NHL. Can you name the other 3? During the 1980s the Oilers were one of the NHLs top teams. Did you know that they won 5 Stanley Cups during the 80s?
In 1976 they traded for a forward who didn’t make much of a mark as a player but went on to lead the team to victory as a coach. Can you name the man who served as either coach or general manager for the next 23 years? If you answered Glen Sather, then you really know your stuff! Check out some of our quizzes and see what other trivia facts you know!

Let your hockey knowledge come out to play in the quiz below. Answer these questions and see how much you know about the Edmonton Oilers hockey team in the NHL. It is a fun and simple quiz to answer.

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  • Sample Question
    What Edmonton Oiler was the 1986 NHL All-Star Game MVP?

Sit back, relax and have fun with this NHL - Edmonton Oilers quiz.

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    Which former Edmonton Oiler team captain was the son of a Detroit Red Wings player?

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    Ales Hemsky recorded what milestone point in the 2007-08 NHL season?

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    Sheldon Souray scored his first NHL playoff goals after which season?

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  • Sample Question
    Ethan Moreau missed most of the 2006-07 NHL season with what type of injury?

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