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Duck Questions & Answers

How many ducks does it take to eat a pie?
The answer to the question regarding how many ducks it would take to eat a pie is letter C or I don’t know (IDK). It is most probably because nobody knows if a duck can eat a pie and if it can, how many it would take for them to eat a pie. Howe
How many ducks does it take to screw in a light bulb?
The answer to the given question about “How many ducks does it take to screw in a light bulb?” is letter C or Your Mom. Before we delve into the answer a bit deeper, it is worthy to note that “How many ____ does it take to _____&rdq
Where does the wood duck live near?
The answer is letter D or all of the above. Wood ducks live near wooded areas, beaver ponds, fresh water marshes or even near streams because they prefer to live in areas that have a mix of both forests and water habitat. They are considered as water
Which duck comes out so early before duck season that they have to open a early season just for that duck?
The duck which comes out so early before duck hunting season is A or blue-winged teal. The blue-winged teals are small dabbling ducks which originate from North America. They grow up to 16 inches long, have a wingspan of about 23 inches and weigh up