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    Dubai is a state that is part of the

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Please complete the following test as part of your post-course requirements for your SMRT-CORE Master Training. Be sure to complete your video and program design if required as well!

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    The GRID™ is designed to mimic                              .

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Dubai Questions & Answers

What do women wear in Dubai?
In Dubai, women dress very modestly. They wear things as the Western world women wear, but they do so more modestly. They may wear a t-shirt or nice tops with jeans or even trousers. Their skirts or dresses are knee length and they also wear jumpsuit
What are the chances of getting a job in Dubai?
The chances of getting a job in Dubai depends on certain things. Your profession is a significant factor, and then your experience and your education will play a key role. If you are going to work there, you'll need a visa. If you are with a large
What are the top attractions in dubai for tourists?
There are a number of top attractions in Dubai for tourists. The extensive luxury shopping may be first and foremost as it is awesome. Then, there is beautiful architecture. The lively nightlife scene definitely attracts tourists too. While Dubai is
Why do most Indians prefer to work in Dubai?
Indians prefer to work in Dubai because the pay is much better than anywhere else around the country. The working environment is a lot better too. Women are treated with equality, which is almost unheard of in the UAE. There is insurance at most of t