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So you love to read Terry Pratchett's Discworld series but do you think you’re an authority when it comes to the smallest of details? How well do you know the supporting characters? Do you think you can name different historical Discworld figures? Who was the first protagonist of Discworld?
Ever since the birth of the first book “The Colour of Magic”, 39 more books have been published to date. Let’s check your level of intelligence when it comes to these books and their intertwining storylines. Let us re-live once more the lives of Cohen the Barbarian, Daniel "One Drop" Trooper, and all the other Discworld characters. No need for sorcery of any kind. Our quizzes are pretty simple for true Discworld fans. Check out our quizzes now! Good luck!

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Discworld Questions and Answers

  • You are confronted by a troll, you...

  • You describe yourself as...

  • Your philosophy is:

  • What do you do in your spare time

  • What do you like to wear

  • What animals do you like

  • How would you describe yourself? 

  • Which trait would you like to have? 

  • Which ability would you like to have?