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From the ancient times where people believed in a number of gods there have been one or more evil deities. This concept is as old as religion itself and the devil is the evil entity present in many religions nowadays around the globe.

Have you read enough about it? Can you answer a few basic questions about the malefic being present in many holy texts? We prepared a trivia on this so check out the sample questions first: The word devil can be traced back to what language?

What mainstream religion that has adherents all around the world has no overt concept of evil? What is the common conception regarding the devil that we find in Islam and Christianity? So though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, fear no evil.

Many different types of villains are in all kinds of shows,movies, and games, but what kind do you relate to?   - this was mainly made for my friends, but feel free to check it out too!

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    A hero begins to show trouble to your plans, what do you do?

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    There is a kid in the street. He is begging for money. You,


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In popular culture, a devil worshipper is a person who believes that Satan is an actual being and would do anything to please him. They are usually people who acknowledge the power of the devil through magic and believe that...

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    Which of these things is not done by a Satan worshipper?

Find out whether u are a devil or an angel!

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    Would you describe yourself as a teachers pet?

Devil Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Evil and Devil?
Many evil people may be associated with the devil. This is because the devil is often described as being evil. If someone does something evil like kill someone, they may be called a devil. However, there are key differences between evil and the devil
What is the difference between Devil and Satan?
A lot of people feel that satan and devil can be used interchangeably because they mean the same thing. A lot of people agree with this. The satan and the devil are entities that will try to tempt people to do bad things as compared to doing good thi