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The Green Lanterns are given a sector in the universe that they are a task for protecting and defending from any possible threats. The Blue Light is considered the most powerful of the spectrum, but it is also the most difficult...

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    What Makes You Happy?

Which DC villain are you?  Are you the Joker?  Are you Bane?  Are you Lex Luther?  Find our when you take this quiz.

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    Q1: If somebody robs the bank that you were going to rob, what do you do?

I doubt many have heard of the mighty Justice League, much less Justice League Unlimited, but for those of you who have, I've made this personality quiz for you. Note: More superhero results coming soon! (P.S, I think they...

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    You have...

Justice League has appeared in several comic books and has featured different members. Just to name a few members: Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, Batman, and many more. Which member of Justice League are you? Take the quiz to...

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    What type of person are you more like?

Are you athletic and practical like Wonder Woman? Or are you imaginative and charismatic like Green Lantern? Take this quiz to find out which "Justice League" member you are!

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    Which word best fits your personality?

Detective Comics Questions and Answers

  • What Makes You Happy?

  • What is your favorite color?

  • What do you do in your free time?

  • Q1: If somebody robs the bank that you were going to rob, what do you do?
    Detective comics question from

  • Q2: If the cops found out where you lived what would you do?
    Detective comics question from

  • 3: If you found where your enemy lived, how would you approach them?
    Detective comics question from

  • You have...

  • Your dream boy/girl has just asked to be your partner for a fun project, you...

  •  A super villain is giving you a hard time, you... 

  • What type of person are you more like?

  • Who is your favorite member out of these 4?

  • What is your favorite color out of these 4?