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Why Did Jason Momoa's Casting Not Cost a Controversy?
Jason Mamoa has said it is the biggest honor being cast as Aquaman. The actor believes it is very flattering that they chose him to play the DC comics character. Jason worked very hard to achieve his enviable physique for the film. Everyone thought i
Do You Think the Underwater Cgi in Aquaman Is Good?
I think the underwater CGI for Aquaman is good. Most of the underwater CGI is created through wire work and green screen. Over 2/3rd of the movie is set to take place underwater, it would be really challenging but from the trailer I can tell that a l
Will Aquaman Be a Success?
I think Aquaman will be a success, with a solid director like James Wan (director of furious 7 and many horror movies), we get to see a new directing style in DCEU. Aquaman is full of great actors like Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Will
Which Movies Have James Wan Directed Before Aquaman?
James Wan, a film director and the director of Aquaman has directed many movies in the past, he directed all these movies before directing Aquaman. Most of the movies James Wan has directed are horror movies. Here are the movies James Wan has directe