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Death Questions & Answers

Can a person be brought back from death?
Maybe or may not! It’s a hypothetical concept which can’t be answered properly. What happens someone when they die, do people really come back after death in some other forms, are souls really immortal, all these questions are unsolvable
Who had the most gruesome death in the history of the world?
It is practically impossible to pick one gruesome death as the most gruesome in the history of the world. There are simply just too many and what is gruesome to one person may not be so gruesome to someone else. Unfortunately, there are a lot from wh
Which king's death was the most embarrassing?
The most embarrassing king's death was the death of King George II. He was born Novermber 10 1683. As at October 1760, King George was blind in one of his eyes and he had problem hearing. Early in the morning, on the 25th of October 1760, King George
Who invented the Coffin (and why)?
The term "Coffin" came from the French word "Cofin". Well, the history of coffin goes back to the ancient Egyptian times. Coffins are mostly used by two prominent religions "Christianity" and "Islam".