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The Commonwealth of Nations is simply known as the Commonwealth. It is an intergovernmental organisation that operates by intergovernmental consensus of the member of states. Do you really know about Commonwealth of Nations? How...

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    The Commonwealth consist of how many member of states? 

From swimming to track and field, the cream of the crop of athletes in these sports can be found competing in the Commonwealth games. How much of a Commonwealth games fanatic are you? Find out now by taking this fun and easy quiz!

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    Which Commonwealth games event did Usain Bolt compete in?

A quiz on how well you know about this years Commonwealth Games.

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    Where is the Commonwealth Games held?


Commonwealth Game Questions & Answers

Is Usian Bolt the greatest athlete to ever participate in the Commonwealth games?
One can easily say that yes that it is Usain Bolt that was the greatest athlete to ever participate in the Commonwealth Games. He was able to use the Commonwealth Games as a spring board for stepping on to the track for the major Olympic Games. Bolt
Why does British Royal Family preside over the Commonwealth games?
The CommonWealth of Nations contains former colonies of the "old" British Empire. Originally, when the CommonWealth was formed, it required the colonies who had received freedom to accept the King/Queen of England as the head of their respe
Why doesn't anyone care about the Commonwealth games?
It’s not that people do not care about the Commonwealth games, it's only your perception. Just because the influential American media doesn’t cover it extensively doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t paying attention. In f
What are the Commonwealth Games?
The Commonwealth Games are an olympic style sporting event that takes places between the Commonwealth of Nations or better yet known as the British Commonwealth. There are 53 members who are part of the Commonwealth nations and these are all countrie
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