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A PURPLE TRICERATOPS? Yes, that’s DINGER and yes that’s the Number 1 fan of Colorado Rockies, the team’s mascot. This baseball team introduced to us “Purple Mondays” and “Purple Mascot”. Why do you think they chose a dinosaur for a mascot instead of someone tamer and friendlier? Do you know that Dinger is one of the many slang words for homerun? Must that be the reason?

The 2015 Colorado Rockies season will be their 23rd in the Major League Baseball. They started in 1993 and had the Coors Field as their stadium. Who manages the team? Do you know their official record? The Rockies won one National League Championship. On what year was that? How well do you know the Colorado Rockies? Give our quizzes a try.       
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Established in the early '90s, Colorado Rockies is an American baseball team based in Denver, Colorado and owned by the Monfort brothers. They are also the winners of the 2007 Warren Gilles trophy. Take this quiz to test your...

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    What are the official colours for the Colorado Rockies?

Awesome quiz on MLB - Colorado Rockies. Attempt it now!

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    What pitcher did the Rockies have to use as a pinch hitter in a 1995 playoff game against the Atlanta Braves?