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Do you know that citations are considered to be very important? There are a lot of research papers and other documents that will not be accepted if they would not come with the right citations. How sure are you that you are using the correct citations? You can always test your knowledge by checking the different quizzes that can be found online.

There are also different types of citations that you should be aware of. Your professor or your boss may require different types of citations depending on what they think will work best for the paper that is about to be submitted. Now is the time for you to learn more about it. You may also learn some information on whether citations are necessary for certain documents or not. The more that you know, the better it would be for you.

When an author is done with his book or poem, he is expected to have a citation that shows who wrote it, the year and topic of the book. When a person quotes a book, they must cite the author who wrote that piece. How much do you...

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  • Sample Question
    How do I structure a block quotation?

For review, after looking at the OWL at Purdue and other sources for in-text documentation.

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    Signal word or phrase must be the first thing that appears on the left-hand margin of the corresponding entry on the Works Cited page.

Read each question carefully and enter your responses precisely. In order to avoid minor errors in your answer, copy and paste the bold text into the answer space and edit according to the directions for the question.

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Whenever you write a fact in a text section of a Mahalo page, at the end of the sentence, just after the period with no space after the period put URL to link to the authoritative website where you found this fact. Take a look at...

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    Citations are necessary whenever a fact is presented on a Mahalo page.

Sometimes you have to look for a item using just the citation. This quiz will help you recognize what you should be looking for (a book, article, book chapter, etc.). Good luck!

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    Fleming, Thomas. Liberty!: The American Revolution.           New York: Viking, 1997. Print.

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Citation Questions & Answers

How do I structure a block quotation?
Indent the left side of the first line only , single - space the quotation , and include the in- text citation at the end .
How do I do that within the text if I want to add or omit information from a quotation?
Use brackets[] around the information you add and ellipses enclosed in brackets[...] for your informatiions you omit.
Should I end my sentence with a period before my in-text citation?
This is actually a great question and one that many people, especially students get wrong. When providing an in-text citation, the period always comes after the citation. If you end the sentence before giving the in-text citation, it no longer is cl