Cinderella Quizzes & Trivia

Contrary to popular believes Cinderella is not a story created by Disney. It is a contemporary adaptation of one of the folk stories collected by the Grimm Brothers. And we say ‘contemporary adaptation’ because the actual story has a number of horrifying details which Disney considered appropriate to leave out. For example, in the actual story, the stepsisters end up cutting part of their feet (one the toes and the other, the heels) in order to fit in the glass shoe.

If you want to find out more about Grimm’s story, or just to get you facts straight, take these quizzes and answer to questions like: “What does the prince do to prevent Cinderella from leaving the party?”, “What happens to the stepsisters at the end of the story?”, and “Who helps Cinderella in the story?”

If you are a fan of folktales this quiz is for you especially dealing with Cinderella. Specifically designed to find out how much your knowledge you have on the use of the particular set of terms.

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    All of the following occur during Oochigeaskw’s metamorphosis except

Take this quiz and learn more about Cinderella (1950).

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    What was the name of the cat in Disney's film "Cinderella"?

This will be an easy quiz!

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    Who is the main character?