Top Call Of Duty Quizzes & Trivia

One of the most successful video game franchises wants to test your knowledge in the awesome Call of Duty Quiz that we have set up. All those hours playing online are bound to yield some results. Let’s see you tackle our challenges the same way you battle enemies in multi or single player modes.

How many games are in the franchise?, What’s the name of the video game producer that came up with Call of Duty?, Where does the action of the first game take place?, What does the predator missile let you do in the game?. Tough? Not nearly as hard as what you’re about to witness. Oh, we’re just playing with you. Keep a cool head and none of the questions will pose a real threat to an experienced player like you.

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Call Of Duty Questions and Answers

  • What is your favorite weapon in Call of Duty?

  • What do you enjoy most about playing Call of Dutty?

  • What would you do in a scenario where you can onnly save yourself or your injured friends?

  • The match has just started, it is TDM.What is the first thing you will start doing?

  • You are on the top floor of a building. You know an enemy is comign up the stairs from below. There is also another set of stairs behind you where more enemies are coming up. There just so happens to be a grenade thrown in, and the only way out is where the enemies are coming. What would you do in this situation?

  • You see one of the enemies on a stationary machine gun.  He is constantly firing with no intention of stopping.  What do you do?

  • The match just started what is the first thing you do?

  • You notice on your UAV there are 3 enemies coming around the building. What do you do?

  • You get killed what do you next spawn?

  • What would you wear at all times to cover your head?

  • What style of combat do you prefer?

  • What would have to be your favorite weapon?