Black Ops Zombies, Rate You

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Black Ops Quizzes & Trivia

Black OPS Zombies GOOD/BAD Quiz

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    What Do You Do From Rounds 1–3?

    • A.

      Shoot and stab

    • B.

      Run Until They Die

    • C.

      Open All Doors To Escape, Buy The Random Box Then Go To The Pack-A-Punch, Upgrade A Weapon To Kill Them!

  • 2. 

    What Do You Do From Rounds 4-6?

    • A.

      Go, Buy MP5K And On The Other Hand MPL, Then Pack-A-Punch Both

    • B.

      Open the upstairs door between rounds 3 and 4 and buy the MP5k. Every­one. The team orga­ni­za­tion here is still pretty flex­i­ble. To be spe­cific, there are 2 entry points on the flop­per plat­form, a win­dow next to the MP5k, and the out­side area of the cen­trifuge room. Obvi­ously over­see all of these entries and rack up the points. Leave a crawler around round 6 or so and col­lec­tively buy your way into the power and jug­gernog room. Buy Jug, every­one. This is where orga­ni­za­tion starts to become really impor­tant. It would be wise to des­ig­nate your roles at this point. The goal of the run­ner is to accu­mu­late as many points as pos­si­ble. The MP5k is still fine for that pur­pose, it should still be your pri­mary but a stake­out would be safe to have just in case. The other play­ers should def­i­nitely buy a stake­out from the wall and keep the MP5k as well for points sake. Refrain from hit­ting the box right now, you don’t need it. Kill the crawler and pro­ceed back towards Flopper.

    • C.

      Let A Crawler After Buying The MP5K, Before Use A Pistol

  • 3. 

    What Do You Do From Round 7-10?

    • A.

      Just Run And Go To A Corner, Take Your Weapon And Get A lot Of Points, Standing There Without Quick Revive.

    • B.

      Turn On The Power So That Colors Can Come, Go To The Random Box, Get A Weapon Whatever It Comes, Then Go And Kill Them All And Let One Crawler So You Can Repair All The Windows, Then Kill The Crawler With A Knife.

    • C.

      The run­ner should be focused on accu­mu­lat­ing as many points as he/she can. Over­see the main stair­case using the MP5k as much as pos­si­ble while also alter­nat­ing with the stake­out to reduce the size of the incom­ing horde. Buy MP5k ammo off the wall safely when you have a clear path. The part­ner watch­ing the stair­case should be con­cen­trated on sti­fling the mob with the stake­out. This is espe­cially impor­tant when the run­ner needs to rebuy ammo for the MP5K. It’s a joint effort to make the run­ner as suc­cess­ful as pos­si­ble in the early going. The other 2 play­ers have it easy. One to each win­dow up on the plat­form with an MP5K and stake­out should be a breeze. Use your dis­cre­tion to assist the play­ers guard­ing the stair­case when they need it. You should encounter a mon­key round some­time dur­ing this step. First one’s cake, every­one guard Jug and you get a free mys­tery perk out of it. Even­tu­ally around round 10 or so, the run­ner should have enough money to spam the mys­tery box until they get the desired weapon (Thun­der­gun). Mean­while the other play­ers on the team should be buy­ing doors to perks and buy­ing perks them­selves. Once the thun­der­gun is inevitably dis­trib­uted, you could take turns at the box or save your money for a pack-a-punch. The pri­or­ity here is that the run­ner gets the thun­der­gun. It is still early in the game so there will be plenty of time to get prop­erly setup as the game progresses.

  • 4. 

    Which Of The Following Do You Have To Keep In Mind?

    • A.

      –Mon­key rounds are a cake­walk with the right weapons. An ade­quately loaded won­der­gun takes care of them eas­ily. Don’t under­es­ti­mate them though. If there’s even a shadow of a doubt that you don’t have the ammo nec­es­sary to fight them off, your default perk machine that must be guarded is jug. Fight them off col­lec­tively if there are too many weak links. Put your best player(s) on jug­gernog. You can afford to lose other perks, but you don’t want to be jug­less in the mid­dle of a mon­key round. It’s a recipe for disaster.

    • B.

      Let A Crawler On Round 1 And Not Round 10+

    • C.

      When You Go To A New Round, Kill Yourself

  • 5. 

    When You Start A New Round, You...

    • A.

      Buy The M14 (for backup)

    • B.

      Buy The Olympia (for backup)

    • C.

      Buy The M14 (primary)

    • D.

      Buy The Olympia (primary)

    • E.

      Stay Until Round 3 And Then Buy The Olympia

    • F.

      Stay Until Round 3 And Then Buy The M14

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