Ben Stiller Quizzes & Trivia

Don’t hate him because he’s really, really ridiculously good looking - let’s delve into The Secret Life of... Ben Stiller. He showed us a glimpse into the world of male models, a graceful way to meet the parents, and proved there really is Something About Mary. He bullied old ladies in a nursing home, cheated at dodgeball, spent a night in a museum and, somewhere along the way, he made you laugh so hard you cried. A successful producer, director, writer and actor, have you followed the comedy and characters of Ben Stiller?

If you practice Blue Steel in the mirror every morning, you sip orange mocha frappuccinos and you binge eat along with the heavyweights at Camp Hope, it’s time to test your Ben Stiller trivia with these hilarious quizzes. One suggestion – if you’re considering naming your next child Gaylord Focker… don’t.

If you want laugh you should watch one of Ben Stiller's movies, because this actor is an amazing comedian. You probably known him by his roles in Meet the Parents, Zoolander and Walter Mitty.

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  • Sample Question
    In which year Ben Stiller was born?

Here are some amazing quiz questions on the one and only comedy king Ben Stiller.

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    In which 2001 movie did Ben Stiller play the character Derek Zoolander?

This is a short quiz which has some interesting questions about Ben Stille

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    Which television show featured Ben Stiller's acting debut?