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Arkansas Questions and Answers

  • What type of permit allows learners to practice their driving skills with only a written test?

  • When driving with an instruction permit, who must be also in the vehicle?

  • What is the 'class' for a typicaly drivers license and instruction permit?  

  • What is the two-letter postal abbreviation for the state of Arkansas?
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  • What mineral was discovered in Pike County, Arkansas, in 1906?
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  • Which Arkansas native became President of the United States in 1992?
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  • When do you charge a customer a deposit 2 times the highest bill (from a previous address)?
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  • AR medical need can be requested by _________.
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  • Contact log needs to be read ______.
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  • What is the official state nickname for Arkansas?

  • Who is the current governor of Arkansas (2010)?

  • What is Arkansas state bird?