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Angels are mentioned roughly 300 times in the Christian Bible but how much do we really know about these creatures? Are they real or merely myth? Do they parade themselves among us or are they merely messengers from above? Many people have many different opinions but if you believe in the Holy Bible and what it has to say, this would be a fun and interesting quiz to take based off of verses found in the Holy Scriptures.

What verse in Colossians explains the origins of angels? Does the Bible say how many angels are in existence? What do they look like? Do angels really have wings? How many times does the archangel appear in the Bible? Questions like these and more are just waiting to be answered in this quiz. Even if you don’t believe in angels and are merely curious about the subject, you could find some interesting answers to the questions you may have. Don’t be afraid, you’re sure to be filled with good cheer upon the completion of this quiz.
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In the Abrahamic religions, fallen angels are angels who were expelled from Heaven. They are former agents of God and the enemies of humanity. Some believe that these angels have spiritual powers. Do you wonder which of the...

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    How would you describe your age?

Welcome to my Quiz! I'm gabrielle and i'm gonna see if your an angel or a demon.p.s I am an angel. 

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    What will you do if there was a little girl that slowly dies?

Blah blah oviosly

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    What would you do for a summer vacation

Are you 100% angel? 100% devil? 90% angel 10% devil 10% angel 90% devil..Are you 75% angel? 25% devil? Are you 25% angel? 75% devil?...Are you 50% devil? 50% angel? Take the  quiz and find out!

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    If you see a little old lady,trying to cross the street what do you do?

Between Scarlet, Marcalie, Brecken, Genevieve, Raizel and Anya.

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    You see a stray kitty meowing pathetically on your front porch. What do you do?

Angel Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Angel and Archangel?
Angels and archangels are spiritual beings that are religiously believed to be carriers of messages between God and man. Whereas, angels are considered just messengers, while archangels are known to being higher messengers. The archangels are conside
What color is the Transversal?
BlueWhat color is the Transversal?
I state that my business has no competition.
False-one of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs is claiming that you have no competition. it may be true that no one is doing exactly what you are doing, but that does not mean that you have no competition. what keeps your potential custo