6th Grade Vocabulary Quizzes & Trivia

There are certain words that you will learn more about when you are already in 6th grade. Do you still remember the words that you started using when you reached that age? You have likely begun to use the word consequence, or this may be a word that you have used since before because it may be used often by your elders.

You can learn how to spell and use “adjacent” in a sentence and so much more. Vocabulary in 6th grade may be a bit complicated when you were in 6th grade, but now that you are older, you may want to try spelling those words that you found hard to spell before. Remember to use the words in a sentence too so that you can comprehend the various words and how they can be used further.

Not everybody knows what every word in the English language means and how to use them. This is why in every grade students get to add some words in their vocabulary. How well do you know your English words and their meanings?...

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  • Sample Question
    The Word DISPATCH MOST NEARLY means:

Prefixes Uni-, Bi- and Tri- are used to mean one, two or three. How well do you know the meaning of words after any of the three prefixes are added? Give the practice test below a try and see which new words you...

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  • Sample Question
    Which word means "singing or speaking at the same time?"

The use of prefixes can be hard and confusing to a person who has not covered them in class. As we have covered how to use the prefixes Sub- and Super- you can now be expected to explain how words change after their...

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  • Sample Question
    Which word means "faster than the speed of sound?"

As your English vocabulary increases the need to ensure you don’t forget any of it arises too. This can be achieved by using newly learnt words in your everyday conversation and taking up revision quizzes to refresh...

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  • Sample Question
    I dissolved two spoonfuls of sugar in my cup of coffee.

Vocabulary refers to a set of words that are familiar within a person's domain. A vocabulary, usually developed as time goes by, serving as a basic and useful tool for communicating and acquiring knowledge. 

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  • Sample Question
    What would you someone who offers opposition?

6th Grade Vocabulary Questions and Answers