6th Grade Social Study Quizzes & Trivia

Africa, Ancient Egypt, Asia, Ancient Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia, Ancient India, and Ancient China

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    The first contact between Europeans and Africans began through

If you’re learning the basics of social studies, or you have a child who is, this quiz will offer a wide range of questions and topics that will be very handy to have in your repertoire when beginning the subject.

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    Which planet is the biggest?

A map is a very important tool and can show countries and continents we have never been to. Having just finished the second chapter in the class today you are expected to be able to read a map correctly and read directions....

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    A ___________  is a landform with high elevation and a more or less level surface.

Multiple choice questions. Social studies and personal planning quiz

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    Who is the prime minister?

This Assesment is designed to survey 6th Grade knowledege of  World Cultures and Geography.

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    What does Absolute Location mean?

6th Grade Social Study Questions & Answers

What does Mesopotamia mean in Greek?
The correct answer to this question is D, Land between the rivers. It was a region in the Eastern Mediterranean. Today it is recognized as Iraq, as well as some parts of Iran, Turkey, and Syria. It also included major cities such as Nippur and Baghda
What does using the family name In China first show?
The Chinese place their surname first in conveying their name. Family name reigns supreme. this probably goes back to Confucius whose 5 rules emphasised the importance of family. Women's names are their married surnames. Family in China is central wi
What will be the time at New york if it is 12 noon at Greenwich?
U will get the answer wrong if u don't know the time difference between Greenwich and new York
What is GMT?
The correct answer to this question is B, Time observed at Greenwich. GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. It is the time at the Royal Observatory, which is in Greenwich London. The time can be calculated in different ways. One way it was observed in