What Celebrity Could Be Your Best Friend?

6 Questions | Total Attempts: 127

What Celebrity Could Be Your Best Friend? - Quiz

Go through questions to see who is ur celeb sista!

You May Get

Victoria Beckham

Posh (joking), fashionista, pretty, skinny, nice, honest

Nicola Roberts

sweet, elegant, pale, crazy (when out), funny, calm (most of time)


SLIM BUT CURVY, talented, not mad, beautiful
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    What is ur fav colour?
    • A. 

      Firery red

    • B. 


    • C. 

      Calm colours especially light elegant pink

  • 2. 
    Are you married?
    • A. 

      Definitely! for years

    • B. 

      Yepp! not that long but!

    • C. 

      Nope! single as a pringle!

  • 3. 
    What colour is your hair?
    • A. 

      Well, where to start, sometimes i wear wigs but brown prob!

    • B. 


    • C. 

      Light ginger but i used to dye it!

  • 4. 
    Do you have a solo album
    • A. 

      I have one solo single but i my albums are mostly with the girls

    • B. 

      Yepp! i have loads with a group and a solo album

    • C. 

      No i have albums with a band but!!

    • D. 


  • 5. 
    Have you starred in any movies
    • A. 

      Yes! one with my band

    • B. 


    • C. 


  • 6. 
    What word describes you?
    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 


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