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Stephen King. The name is truly synonymous with writing and books. But do you think you know all there is to know about the iconic author? What did King battle with for over a decade? What event early in King’s life may have psychologically inspired his works? What did King famously do to all the rejection letters he received early on in his career? Which Stephen King book has sold the most copies? Where did King and his wife live during the early days of his writing career?

Test yourself now, and take our brilliant Stephen King quiz! You are sure to find out something you didn’t know, and if you don’t, you can truly call yourself a Stephen King expert!

Stephen King is a notorious American author, whose many works of horror are famed for being incredibly well-written, so much so that a lot of them have become major films. Which of his iconic characters are you?

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    What do people call you?

This is a detailed quiz about Stephen King's brilliant novel, IT!Comment and rate, please!

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    Let's start easy...1: Which of the following has It NOT appeared as?

Stephen King is an American author known for his supernatural fiction and sci-fi writing. If you think you are up to the challenge to answer questions on him and his work, take up the quiz and find out.

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    Stage directions in a screenplay would NOT give information about

Stephen King short story

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    Stage directions in a screenplay would NOT give information about

Select the correct choice for each of the following questions and score a perfect!

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    In "Desperation", what is David Carver's relationship to Pie Carver?

Stephen King Questions & Answers

What does Ben call his bike?
Silver is bill's bike;not ben's bike. Your question was wrong
How many interludes are there in the book, and which of the following things IS discussed in at least one of the interludes?
There are five interludes in this book, and the fire at the Black Spot is discussed in the second interlude. This is answer A, so that is the correct answer. For those who haven’t read the book, this is a major spoiler alert, as I’m going
What is the name of Stephen Kings first novel?
Out of all the given choices, the name of Stephen King’s first novel is letter A or Carrie. It was published in April 1974 and covers the story of Carrie White, a misfit high school girl who discovered that she had powers to move objects using
PennyWise (The Clown) is a male/female?