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Born on December 16, 1775, Jane Austen was an English novelist whose works primarily focused on what? Romantic fiction! A truly passionate writer, Jane was the youngest girl out of eight siblings. Perhaps one of her most famous novels that is still widely read today is “Pride and Prejudice” but do you know what was the original name of it? Which of her novels was published first? How much do you know about all of her other novels and the prestigious woman herself?

Jane Austen had a royal admirer named Prince Regent, but did you know she dedicated a book to this man? What was the name of this book? Travel through Austen’s unique viewpoint of love, loyalty, and relationships during the time that she lived in as you test your Jane Austen knowledge by taking our quizzes today!

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  • Which of these best describes your type of guy?

  • What is your view of love?

  • What of the following reflects your view of society?

  • If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

  • What's your favorite kind of ice cream sundae?

  • If you were invited to a party to which you did not wish to go, you would...

  • You meet a grand lady to whom everyone else is very respectful, though she doesn't seem to like you.  Your attitude is...
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  • What are your ambitions?
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  • You fall and twist your ankle and a man shows up.  He wants to carry you...
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  • Which country house in Pride and Prejudice is said to be situated on rising ground?
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  • In Mansfield Park what is the name of Mr. Rushworth's estate?
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  • In Emma what is the name of the estate owned by Mr. & Mrs. Churchill that Frank Churchill will one day inheirit?
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