AHS 202l Locomotor Hindlimb Muscles

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AHS 202l Locomotor Hindlimb Muscles - Quiz

Please answer in all lowercase please :)
the 2 bone slides are also included
good luck.

Questions and Answers
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    Compact bone is one of the two types of bone tissue found in the human body, the other being spongy bone. It is dense and hard, providing strength and support to the skeletal system. Compact bone is composed of tightly packed osteons, which are cylindrical structures made up of concentric layers of bone tissue called lamellae. These lamellae contain mineralized collagen fibers, giving compact bone its strength. Compact bone also contains osteocytes, which are mature bone cells that are responsible for maintaining the health and integrity of the bone tissue. Overall, compact bone plays a crucial role in protecting vital organs and providing structural support for the body.

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    The left common calcanean tendon is the correct answer because it is the specific anatomical structure being referred to in the question. The question does not provide any additional information or context, so the answer is simply the name of the tendon.

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    slightly damaged very fiberous connective tissue

    The left fascia lata refers to the connective tissue found on the left side of the body. It is described as slightly damaged and very fibrous, indicating that there may be some injury or trauma to this tissue. The fascia lata is a strong and dense connective tissue that surrounds the muscles of the thigh, providing support and protection. The fact that it is damaged suggests that there may be some impairment or dysfunction in this area, which could potentially affect the function and movement of the muscles in the thigh.

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    The left gastrocnemius muscle is the correct answer because it is a specific muscle located in the calf region of the left leg. It is one of the two muscles that make up the calf muscle group, along with the soleus muscle. The left gastrocnemius muscle plays a crucial role in plantar flexion of the foot and is commonly involved in activities such as walking, running, and jumping.

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    superficial muscle that we reflect to see the deep muscles

    The left gracilis muscle is the superficial muscle that needs to be reflected in order to see the deep muscles.

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    The left popliteal lymph node is the correct answer because it is a specific lymph node located in the left popliteal region. Lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system and play a crucial role in filtering and trapping harmful substances, such as bacteria and viruses, before they reach the bloodstream. The popliteal lymph nodes are found in the back of the knee and receive lymphatic drainage from the lower limbs. By identifying the left popliteal lymph node as the answer, it suggests that the question may be asking about a specific lymph node in a particular region of the body.

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    superficial muscle that we reflect to see the deeper muscles

    The left sartorius muscle is the superficial muscle that needs to be reflected in order to see the deeper muscles.

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    the very fiberous connective tissue connects here

    The left tensor fasciae latae muscle is connected to the very fibrous connective tissue at this specific location.

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    the middle muscle of the quadriceps

    The left vastus intermedius muscle is the middle muscle of the quadriceps. It is located on the front of the thigh and is responsible for extending the leg at the knee joint.

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    The external anal sphincter is a muscular structure that surrounds the anus and is responsible for voluntary control of bowel movements. It helps to keep the anus closed and prevents the leakage of feces until a person is ready to defecate. When the external anal sphincter relaxes, it allows for the passage of stool. This muscle can be consciously contracted or relaxed, allowing for control over the timing and regulation of bowel movements.

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