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The Ultimate Fortnite: Battle Royale is a video game that blends the survival, exploration, discovery and scavenging elements of a survival game where the last-man-standing wins. The game challenges a relatively...

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Do you like playing video games? If you are a true video gamer, you must have played the popular game Overwatch. While playing this game, you might have imagined a character for yourself. If you have an interest in finding out...

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Are you a fan of the 'Among Us' online game? It is a multiplayer game that assigns you different characters. This ultimate quiz will help you figure out which "Among Us" player you are. You could be an imposter,...

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Edited and revised in 2021. New and improved lol. The possible outcomes are Frisk, Chara, Toriel, Asgore, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton, and Napstablook. I wouldn't recommend taking this if you haven't played...

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Are you a true Undertale fan? Are you one of the avid gamers who have wondered which character they're most similar to? There are many unique characters featured in Undertale, a surprisingly popular video game released in...

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You only get 5 player to be because my computer keept crashing if i went further 3:! Andways the 5 players are newbie,builder,pvp'er,Redstoner,HEROBRINE? :o. Which one do you think you are?

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Are you wondering Which Danganronpa character you are? Danganronpa is a Japanese series that revolves around many high school students who were forced by a bear named Monokuma to murder each other. Dragonrompa 2 is the next...

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This addictive little game series has us all caught up. They never stop evolving a plot coming up with new twists and turns and an unending saga that we can't break eye contact with. Take this quiz and see if you are along...

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Hey, are you a Danganronpa fan? If yes, then we've something very exciting to tell you. Given below is a very interesting quiz that tells you which Danganronpa 2 girl you are, just by asking a few simple questions....

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A Pokemon Trainer is put in place to train pokemon to becoming the best competitor and earn the title of pokemon trainer. Do you know which between the characters created best describes you? Find if you are Red, Leaf, Blue,...

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Are you a huge gaming freak?  If yes, then you've definitely heard or even played(of course) the legendary Minecraft. Ever wondered which character/Mob are you? let's find out with this amazingly interesting quiz.

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Welcome to the Nova NJROTC Ranks/Rates Exam for the rank of Seaman. All the best to those who takes it!

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SUPER SMASH BROS: What character is best for you?This test tries to find your main character or the type of characters you likeThere is a high chance the character you get won't be your favorite. Just chill and realize that...

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Have you ever seen the legendary pokemon? Have you ever wondered which one you would be? Take this quiz to find out. 

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Pokemon is one of the most popular Japanese anime. It reached the height of its popularity in the 2000s. It is centered around creatures coached by different characters that are either good or with bad intentions. What do you...

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Are you Undertale Trash? Do you literally want to date ever character? Well, find out who your best match is here!

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A quiz to figure out what role fits you the best.

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Find out whether you are Plasma or Magma!

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Animal Crossing game gives players a chance to play as anthropomorphic animals. Ever wondered which animal you would be if you were a villager in this game? Now you can find out the character you would be by taking this fantastic...

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Playing video games is an excellent way to stimulate your mind; however, if done without control can cement your title as the bum of the house who never gets off the sofa to interact with people. Are you a video game fanatic and...

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A quiz about the story of the video game Grand Theft Auto 4. (with references to the two Xbox 360 downloadable episodes)

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The series is centered on Link a valiant warrior who travels defeating creatures and evil forces so as to free princess Zelda. He is the main protagonist of the series. Take up the quiz below and see which race in Hyrule you...

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What kind of Phantom Forces player are you? Find out by taking this simple 6 question quiz!

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Take the quiz and find out! :):):):):)

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