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It is not a typical Hawaiiwan instrument, but it is where it became very popular. It is said to have been inspired by Portuguese instruments and musicians who migrated to Hawaii, by the end of the 19th Century. Do you think you...

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    When was it invented?

This quiz is all about the ukulele, playing the ukulele and reading music. 

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    The ukulele has how many strings? 


Ukulele Questions & Answers

Why can't I produce a Hawaiian tune with the ukulele?
It should be remembered that the original Hawaiian ukulele is smaller than the ukulele that you can find in the market right now. This means that the sound is a bit different. The type of wood used is also different from the type of wood used in the
Why are ukuleles so cheap?
Take note that ukuleles are not always cheap. There are some expensive ones that are truly worth your money because they can create a great sound that will allow you to play with ease. When you buy cheap ukuleles, you can already expect some issues,
Who invented the ukulele?
A lot of people do not realize it but the ukulele is actually a variation of a Portuguese instrument called Braguinha. This is an instrument created by Manuel Nunes and soon after, the people of Hawaii started to love and play this little instrument.
Why is the concert ukulele longer?
The concert ukulele is known to be bigger than the soprano ukulele because the sound is a little bit lower. The soprano ukulele’s tones are a bit higher. Take note that the concert ukulele is not the longest ukulele. The baritone ukulele is aro
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