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Japanese culture has really been making its mark on the world in recent years thanks to its ground breaking manga, anime, and light novels. Trinity Blood is leading the way in all three genres so it's no surprise that it's regarded by many as one of the greatest Japanese exports ever. Sunao Yoshida's novel sees humans battle it out with vampires in a post apocalyptic nightmare of a world. If it really captured your imagination then try our Trinity Blood quizzes today.

Which magazine first serialized Trinity Blood? In which year did Sunao Yoshida die, and who took over the novels after this? Abel Nightroad is a Crusnik, but what does this mean? Get ready to fight it out for a high quiz score.

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  • What color is your hair?

  • Do you see yourself as...

  • Are you in love?

  • 1. What do you usually do in your free time? 

  • 2. Do you quote the bible often?  

  • 3. When trouble arises you? 

  • What is my favorite color?
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  • What is my favorite candy?
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  • What is my favorite subject?
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