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Children’s books have to be written with extreme care, which is why most of the writers take their time when doing this. Tomas and The Library Lady is one of the most successful that came out at the end of the 20th century, being mentioned alongside some of the most important works in this sphere.

Naturally, we could not have ignored such a book, which is why we have created its trivia. Tomas and the Library Lady is a children's picture book written by which Mexican-American writer? Based on a true story, it details the circumstances behind the son of a migrant farm worker during the 1940s in what region of the US? What is the official publication date of the book? More questions about the book can be found in our full trivia.

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    To borrow means you get to keep something that doesn't belong to you.

I miss those days when pictures were used to tell stories, well, Tomas and the Library Lady is one book that brings back feelings of old, it tells a story of Tomas who chances upon a library that changes his life. How well have...

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    Who is the author of the book?

Tomas And The Library Lady Questions and Answers