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Song of the Brook is a short work of Christian fiction which is authored by Matilda Nordtvedt. The book is actually a sequel. Do you know the name of the first? If you answered with Secret in the Maple Tree, then you must be a fan of the work.

This book actually picks up where Secret in the Maple Tree left off, following Hilda and her family as they have to move to the state of Washington. But of course, the main theme in all of this is to make the best out of any situation you have, and to rely on God to help you build up your character and to handle the situations before you. Test what you know about this book by taking our online quizzes. 

These are the questions for Chapter 1 of Song of the Brook.

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    How did Hilda and her family travel to Washington?

The brook starts out from the dwelling place of birds such as the coot. In the poem we get to learn more of the brook as the writer tries to show us through his point of view. Have you read this captivating poem? Take up the quiz...

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    Where were Thora and her brother, Robert?

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    What had Hilda and John enjoyed doing at their neighbors’ place?

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    What did the children find at the bottom of the revine?

You know the drill.

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    What did the Johnson children take to school in their lunch pails?

Song Of The Brook Questions and Answers