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Here's Johnny!', only two words, but they accompany a classic piece of cinema history in the horror thriller The Shining. Stephen King's works are perfect for the big screen, and this edge of the seat film is further proof. It's Jack Nicholson's greatest moment, as his character descends into madness, putting the lives of his family in danger.
If you loved every scary minute of it, then don't be afraid to try our The Shining quizzes. Do you remember what event traps the family in the hotel? What's different about his son Danny? What does he write on the outside of the family's bathroom door? What's Jack Torrance's occupation? If you know the answers to all these questions and more, you can shine in our quizzes.

If you are a fan of horror movies, I highly doubt if you have never watched or heard of the shinning. The book was made into a movie by Stanley Kubrick tells us the story of how the family tries to survive a man they knew who...

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    What class does Wendy give Ben help with?

Find out if you are Jack, Wendy, Danny, or Mr. Hallorann!

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    If you can't fall asleep at night you...

How well do you know about The Shining (1980) movie

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    What is the child's name in "The Shining"?

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